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by GK22 Sports.
After working with numerous athletes, and both studying and experimenting with many techniques, we developed a formula that exceeded all expectations for adding size and strength. Even though GK22 Sports is dedicated to helping athletes maximize their athletic performance, there have been many situations when athletes need to gain serious size and strength in the off season. In order to assure our clients achieved their goal of gaining large amounts of pure muscle mass and raw strength in a short amount of time, we developed a 15 week program that time and time again has left our clients astonished at the results.

This is not your typical bodybuilding workout. In fact most probably consider the workout to be quite unconventional or too simple in comparison to modern day workouts. Rather than put together a fancy program with hundreds of different exercises in attempt to confuse the body, we researched the most effective muscle recruiting exercises to target each body part. These exercise we chose will allow you to go as heavy as possible for each muscle group in order to stimulate massive growth. These are also exercises that can be performed at the most basic of gyms. Through manipulation of rest, reps, sets, and order of exercises, your body will be in a constant stage of stress for the first three weeks of each phase. Following each stress period will be a growth period that will last for a total of two weeks. This is when we cut back on the volume and allow your body to adapt to the constant state of stress it has been under. During each growth period you body will drastically increase its muscle mass in turn making huge strength gains.

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by GK22 Sports
Strength: Yes
Conditioning: No
Days (per week): 4-6
Weeks: 15
Total Workouts: 76
Exercises/Drills: 28
Equipment Needed: view
Preview Workout: view
PRICE: $19.95
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