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High Intensity Training [HIT]


by GK22 Sports.
Looking for maximum gains in the minimum amount of time? Not getting results from your current program? Need a change of pace? Try High Intensity Training, or the H.I.T. Workout by GK22 Sports. The H.I.T. Workout is designed on the notion that you are better off completing ONE set to momentary muscular failure than multiple sets with sub maximal effort. Workouts are short (15-45 minutes), but very intense. It's not called High Intensity for nothing. Every exercise is to be performed to complete exhaustion (with strict form of course). This is the perfect workout for those with limited time and days in the gym.

This workout consists of three 6-week phases for a total of 18 weeks. Each workout includes 8-12 exercises that are performed for ONE set to momentary muscular failure. Every workout is a full body workout with at least 48 hours of rest between training sessions. For maximum results, it is recommended that everyone start with the H.I.T. Beginner workout regardless of workout experience (note that the H.I.T. Beginner program is a Level II workout).

Workouts will be emailed in PDF format within 24 hours of purchase.


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  High Intensity [HIT]
by GK22 Sports
Strength: Yes
Conditioning: No
Days (per week): 1-2
Weeks: 18
Total Workouts: 33
Exercises/Drills: 26
Equipment Needed: view
Preview Workout: view
PRICE: $19.95
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