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Core Strength


by GK22 Sports.
Core stability is essential to sports performance as well as injury prevention. The core muscles are the foundation for all other movement. This workout targets core muscles deep within the torso. Strengthening these muscles stabilizes the spine, pelvis and shoulders and creates a solid base of support. With a solid core you are able to generate powerful movements from the extremities. This workout is essential for every athlete trying to reach their athletic potential.

By investing less than an hour a week, you can start building the core foundation for athletic success. This program consists of four workouts per week which take anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Regardless of your training experience, it is recommended that all athletes start with the Level One Core Strength workout and progress to the Level Three.

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BUY PW11 Core Strength: Level 1 12 1 $19.95
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  Core Strength
by GK22 Sports
Strength: Yes
Conditioning: No
Days (per week): 4
Weeks: 36
Total Workouts: 144
Exercises/Drills: 72
Equipment Needed: view
Preview Workout: view
PRICE: $39.95
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